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Reasons People Sell Their Unwanted Car

There are many reasons that people may want to sell their unwanted car. There is possibly as many reasons for selling an old car as there are people who want to sell their old car.

Car won’t start.

car-wont-startMany old cars suffered engine problems and eventually end up not being able to start or turnover. Because of this single fact alone, people may prefer to sell their car is mechanical bill could be too high and are probably better off just selling it and recouping their costs.

Transmission problems.

Automatic-TransmissionMany older cars will eventually suffer from transmission or gearbox problems which can be expensive and/or difficult to fix. In some cases the gearbox will need to be completely replaced or overhauled, this can be extremely expensive.

A gearbox for a motor-vehicle is an extremely complicated piece of machinery with hundreds of moving parts that are constantly place under stress. Over time these parts all gears can become worn or ground down rendering the gearbox totally useless.

Electrical problems.

Motor cars have a very complicated electrical system built into the car. Hundreds of wires that connect all sorts of devices and safety mechanisms through a series of wires called lanyard. When summing goes wrong with these electrical systems it can often be very difficult to diagnose and extremely expensive to repair. Sometimes the owner of the vehicle is better off selling the vehicle and recouping some money as opposed to spending a pile of cash on repairing a vehicle that may run into similar problems in the future.

Rust and/or accident damage on the car.

Cars will eventually over time encounter some kind of rust. Rust is formed through a process of oxidisation that occurs when metal is exposed to a combination of water and air. Rust is extremely difficult to repair not to mention very expensive.

Sometimes even in a car park we can have a little incident that causes accident to the body or the skin of the car.  This may be minor or it may actually be a major repair job. In the event of being a major repair job the bill can run into thousands of dollars just to bring the car back to its original state. Depending on the extent of the damage sometimes even entire panels will need to be replaced as they cannot be formed back in shape effectively.

General Car ascetics.

Over time your car will be exposed to all kinds of weather and road conditions which can ultimately end up damaging the paint work. As the paintwork becomes damaged, the car will start to look old and shabby. Giving the car a respray and restored to its original condition is a very expensive job. The car will need to be sanded back, any scrapes being harmful lumps will need to be hammered out or filled up, then the car will need to be sprayed usually with two coats to restore it to its original condition.

All things considered.

sold-carWhen you take some of these factors into consideration you can see why many people are choosing to sell their unwanted car and get some cash in their pockets to put towards a new car.  The new car market today is flooded with cheap cars making it affordable to most households.  Many new cars come with long guarantees and warranties  making the cost of repairing an old car unfeasible for many Australian householders.

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