Used Car Warranty

Used Car Warranty

Used Car Warranty Australia

Used car warranty plans are there to protect you if your used car suffers a mechanical failure. Used car warranty companies will help pay the costs of having the covered component repaired under the terms and conditions of the used car warranty that you purchase possibly saving you thousands.


Now if you were to take your car to a mechanic, they would charge you for the parts and the labour which can be around $70 an hour. The used car warranty will cost around 80 cents a day. How many mechanics do you know that will work for 80 cents a day?

Most used car buyers love the used car warranty plans available because they can avoid potentially large out of pocket expenses.

Why purchase a used car warranty?

Most people purchasing used cars Australia wide are the people who need protection the most. In the event of that unforeseen accident / situation arising, how would you cope? What would likely happen?

Not having a used car warranty, and your used car suffers a mechanical breakdown can be the cause of:

  • Credit rating suffers, because the repayments on the used car loan are not met; either due to having to pay for costly repairs to keep the car on the road, or because there is insufficient income coming into the household, you fall behind in paying the bills on time.
  • Any savings are eaten away, to pay for the costs of repairing your car, which could run into thousands.

A used car warranty such as from National Warranty Company assist in maintaining your financial position, credit rating, as well as giving you piece of mind.

Read more about National Warranty Company and the National Warranty Company Website; one of the largest providers of used car warranty plans for used cars in Australia.

Used car warranties are just one way you can protect yourself, your car and your financial position.
Car insurance Australia wide, particularly comprehensive car insurance, is another product that can save you from large out of pocket expenses. There is gap cover insurance, an insurance product that protects you from your cars depreciation against the balance on your car loan should you be unfortunate enough to suffer a total loss on the car.


  1. Mike Weston says:

    National Warranty Company offer the best range of used car warranty products in Australia. Read more about the National Warranty Company website to see what used car warranty plans they have available.

  2. I have first hand experience dealing with National Warranty Company and the breakdown of my 03 BMW 330i. The air conditioner was busted in the middle of this summer, so I rang NWC who directed me to a mechanic near me. The mechanic was going to charge me $2200 for a new compressor!!!! I got onto National Warranty Company who then spoke with the mechanic and they got me a 2nd hand unit for $400, which was covered under the used car warranty. Why would I want a brand new one on a 8 year old car? National Warranty Company was so helpful, I actually sent a thank you letter to Penny in their claims office and bought a warranty the other week for my 08 Prado as it was about to expire its Toyota warranty. I only hope the next time I have to make a claim it will be as easy (Touch wood, i won’t have to!).